Meditation, Technology and Consciousness

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Most people are aware of meditation, after all it is old – radically fewer people will be aware of brainwave entrainment.  Such is the actual state of brainwave entrainment that an entire range of connected software packages has been released by many businesses, sparking off a whole lot of customer interest in the technology.  Other concerns have acquired a marketplace in CDs and downloadable MP3s.  This new field of technology has sparked an entire new mentality on meditation, used to be seen as a hobby for flower children.

The nature of the mind can now be delved into by anyone and everyone.  For example some technological devices react to specific brainwave frequencies in unique ways, in this fashion one can control an object by studying how to ‘switch’ their brainwave frequencies between the alpha, theta, delta and beta frequencies.  This should not be underestimated, it is something which Zen Monks practice decades waiting to achieve.  Though naturally, in their example the change in brainwave frequency is merely a symptom of what they are trying, they do not deal with brainwave entrainment in any way.  It cannot be understated however, that this technology leaves one to acquire these abilities without having to practice for years within a particular study.

Unlike with meditation, you can use this technology to see what is occurring with your brainwaves, as and when it takes place.  Begin using brainwave entrainment whilst on the monitor and you will at once be able to see the effect it has upon your brain. Not only that, but you will learn to associate specific feelings with each alteration in brainwave frequency, and thus, soon you will be able to re-enact and change between frequencies on a whim.  This presents all manner of possibilities

Sleepless nights could be a matter of the past, once one gains the power to enter the delta brainwave state whenever they wish.  Imagine the benefits of being able to enter the beta brainwave state as and when you want, instant caffine boost.  We can all reach this through using brainwave entrainment.  In Karate, one of the aims is to incessantly repeat the forms and moves so that eventually your body itself recalls the movements.  This is known as muscle memory.  In much the same way, brainwave entrainment offers the same functions where your neurons, change state at the flick of a switch.  This is a key to unlocking all of your potential.

With this in mind, it is clear to discover how brainwave entrainment has started to directly impact other domains of consciousness exploration.  Whilst meditation has forever existed, it is now being promoted to an altogether new level through a fundamental interaction with technology.  Now brainwave entrainment opens meditation up to an wholly different sphere of the population and allows for it to assist many other functions.  Consider for a moment, how brainwave entrainment has moved the practice of meditation into the clinic.  There is of course an whole different side to brainwave entrainment, which has allowed people to attain experiences that were at one time far beyond the ways of the common person.

Brainwave entrainment has developed quickly, and I will soon be covering how and where this technology has progressed. It contains something of the new as all as the ancient, it is a coming together of greatness in so many ways. So for those of you new to brainwave entrainment I can recommend hanging around for a while and you will see there is so much new to learn and experience.


Meditation and Brainwave Entrainment

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Meditation has an ancient tradition and a long history.  Brainwave Entrainment much less so, yet it is gaining traction in the alternative circles.  The technology, by and large, has found a large audience on the Internet with many companies producing brainwave entrainment software allowing users to create and develop their own audio.  Other companies have found a market in CDs and downloadable MP3s.  It makes a pleasant change to browse various forums and see a growing acceptance of meditation; there is now a perception of it being an aspect of a modern  lifestyle, as opposed to belonging to New Agers and Treehuggers.

I’ve personally used a good few meditation CDs from Brainwave-Sync, and they opened up a number of pleasant experiences for me.  Brainwave-Sync have placed themselves in a new area of the market; self-described as shamanic consciousness.  This takes their products outside of what has  fast become a clichéd area of the brainwave entrainment market; the standard theta, delta and alpha audios which many companies currently provide.

The brain can be synchronized to any frequency that is within the human brainwave range.  It therefore seems rather remiss that others haven’t taken up the opportunity to provide more in the way of diversity.  That said, a lot of work is being done in this field much of it pushing the technology forward in leaps and bounds.  A lot is owed to the likes of Transparent Corporation for their constant and consistently outstanding brainwave entrainment research and technological development.

There is also quite an array of scientific journals on the subject, studying all areas of human brainwaves and individuals under all manner of situations and circumstances.  This has the direct feedback benefit of providing the brainwave entrainment community with further information on specific frequencies which can be used for induction purposes.

This is where the influence of brainwave entrainment begins to be felt upon meditation.  Traditionally meditation served a number of purposes within the context of a person’s lifestyle.  Today brainwave entrainment opens meditation up to an entirely different area of the population and allows it to serve many other functions.  The technology is regularly used in therapy including both the hypnotherapy and the psychiatry varieties.  But beyond this it is allowing people from every walk of life to access experiences which were previously only available to those willing and able to go out of their way for them.

A cursory glance over the product ranges of the top brainwave entrainment producers shows all manner of experiences which are available, including lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, transcendental meditations, trances, visions and hallucinations, and many other such things.  It really is like having a key to opening previously locked areas of your consciousness.  Brainwave entrainment is this and so much more, yet as with anything else it is only useful to those willing to try it.  So why sit on the sidelines thinking that this may all be hooey?  Over the next few years we will start seeing the brainwave entrainment technology integrated into a variety of different products.  Now it’s only a matter of time and right now we are on the threshold of a very interesting future.